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For our company, the satisfaction of the customers and the quality of the products are always in the first place. In this context, our company produces its products with quality materials and presents them to its customers by showing the necessary sensitivity. Our company works with devotion without sacrificing quality at any time and in any way. Not only quality machines are behind a quality printing service; There is also expertise and experience. The name of this experience and expertise is Halle metalize.

  • Aptitude for Technology
  • Attention to Detail
  • Strong Communication
  • Market Assesment
  • Quallity Guarantee
  • Quallity Guarantee
  • Market Assesment
  • Strong Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Aptitude for Technology
  • Strong Communicatione
  • Quallity Guarantee
  • Aptitude for Technology
  • Market Assesment
  • Attention to Detail
Copper Plated
  • When copper is mentioned, probably the first thing that comes to mind for all of us is its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Apart from these, the fact that it has a corrosion-resistant structure explains why copper is so preferred.
Nickel Plated
  • The nickel plating method made by electrolysis was invented by Ruolz in 1841. Nickel plating is especially used in the automotive industry and in the construction of household appliances. Its purpose is to increase corrosion resistance and provide decorative beauty.
Anodized Coating
  • Anodized Coating Before talking about coating, what is anodizing? Let's look for the answer to our own question. It is a term of German origin and is defined as anodic oxidation or anodization in international terminology.
Phosphate Coating
  • Iron phosphate: It is used in the phosphating process of metals such as iron, steel and galvanization. It creates an iron phosphate layer on the metal surface and thus makes the surface resistant to corrosion. It is used as under paint.
  • Galvanized Zinc coating, which is a flexible coating, is a type of coating applied to resist corrosion. Electrolysis method is used for zinc plating. Applicable to most metals such as Iron, Steel, Copper and this process is carried out with the help of coatings Brass
metal covering
  • Corrosion is one of the most common issues that metal or metal alloys suffer from. Anti-corrosion treatment of the surfaces this process is carried out with the help of coatings of metals and metal alloys is of great importance, this process is carried out with the help of coatings.
Chrome Plated
  • Chrome Plated Chromium is a hard gray metal that turns bluish when polished very well. Its density is 7.1 g/cm3. It is usually in the 3 or 6 valence state. Since there is a protective oxide layer formed on it, it does not corrode in the atmosphere under normal conditions.